design work

cover designs for Hollow Coves' Blessings EP

posters for director Nadia Louis-Desmarchais' series Les Météorites (2024) and short documentary film Le monde est à elles (2023)

posters for Half Moon Run's 2023 tours

poster for Nadia Louis-Desmarchais' Nid d'Oiseau

visuals for Collectif NOUS (2021)

poster for Maxim Lecompte's Vera Underground & Nico and Mon Coeur est à ta gauche

poster for Nadia Louis-Desmarchais' Dors-Tu?  short film distributed by Welcome Aboard

poster design for Chloé Sirois' Morceau par Morceau short film (2020)

lightbox logo designs for Café le VSL coffeeshop (2020)

poster design for Jacob Khayat's In Foetu

work done as Concordia University's Fine Arts Student Alliance's team graphic designer for the 2020-2021 school year

miscellaneous design & typography work (2018-2020) 

poster design and photography for Chloé Sirois' Le Spectacle short film (2019)

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