Charlotte Rainville (she/her) is a photographer based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. Rainville’s practice is preoccupied with visually translating and celebrating the ephemeral nature of human existence and its interactions with light into digestible images through recording and re-enacting her interactions with nature, daily rituals, and loved ones in domestic scenes. Charlotte holds a BFA in Photography and Psychology from Concordia University and has studied at San Francisco State University. Her work has been presented in Montreal, Berlin and Kuala Lumpur and has earned her multiple Concordia FASA grants (2020-2022), the ILYSM Grant (2021) and the Kuala Lumpur International Portrait Prize (2020). Currently, Rainville is working on the production and publishing of Vista, an artist's book and exhibition.


Via photography’s ability to subjectively fix details, I aim to visually piece together, preserve and pay homage to the ephemeral and intangible nature of existence. To translate the sublime I find in routine, ultimately outlining the duality between banality and grandness of everyday moments. My practice is a direct visual response to my preoccupation with the perishability of relationships, phases of euphoria, time spent outdoors and the mundane. 

Weaved together with sequencing as a storytelling device, my portrayals of loved ones, still life scenes and vistas hint at a narrative melding kinship, intimacy, self-acceptance, existentialism and discovery. Fascinated by how subjects only ever momentaneously interact with light physically and energetically, I also strive to capture light’s short-lived ethereal radiance, using it as a motif.

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