Charlotte Rainville, or @jailli, is a photographer from Montréal. She holds a BFA in Photography and Psychology from Concordia University and works as a freelance photographer, also dabbling in graphic design, directing and DoP.


Via photography’s ability to subjectively fix details, I aim to visually translate, preserve and pay homage to the ephemeral and intangible nature of existence. To translate the sublime I find in routine, ultimately outlining the duality that can be felt between the banality and grandness of everyday moments. My practice is a direct visual response to my preoccupation with the perishability of relationships, phases of euphoria, time spent outdoors and the mundane. 

In my works, I portray elements of nature, day-to-day rituals, and loved ones in domestic scenes. Weaved together with sequencing as a storytelling device, they build a narrative melding kinship, intimacy, self-acceptance, and discovery. Guided by a fascination surrounding how subjects interact with light physically and energetically, I also strive to capture light’s ethereal radiance on my subjects, using it as a motif.

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  • 8x10 — 40$
  • 11x14 — 70$
  • 16x20 — 100$
  • 20x24 — 130$

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I work as a photographer, videographer, graphic designer and art 

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